Mobile Massage In calgary

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from a session?

When you book a session, we will try to arrive about 15 minutes early for set up.  There is a short health history and consent form for you to fill out while the equipment is set up.  After everything is set up, we will go over any concerns or specific areas you want worked on, and the therapist will leave the room for you to undress.  Once you are on the table the therapist will enter and the session will begin.  Just relax and enjoy.

How long is a session?

The length of time you book is the exact hands-on time you will receive. Any time setting up, consulting, or showing you stretches and aftercare will not cut in to your massage treatment time.  We offer treatments in 60, 90, or 120 minute sessions.

I'm pregnant, how will this affect my massage?

Prenatal massage is now easier than ever.  We have a specialized body pillow designed for pregnant women which allows you to lay face down for your massage, so it's no different from a regular massage.

Though it is generally safe to get massage during your entire pregnancy, we only massage after the first trimester.  Aromatherapy and hot stones are not used during pregnancy for safety reasons.

Can I claim my massage with my insurance?

Yes! We have 2200 hours of training and can be claimed with all insurance companies that offer massage benefits.

How can I pay for my massage?

We currently accept cash, check, email transfer, or credit card(with $2.50 fee).  Unfortunately we can not take debit at this time.

What areas do you come to?

All areas within Calgary city limits.

What are your hours?

Monday - Friday   10am - 9pm.

Saturday   10 - 3pm

How long in advance should I book?

We prefer 24 hours notice but sometimes have availability same day.  If you would like same day booking, call or text.

Do you visit hotels?

​Yes, however due to the unfortunate instances of no shows, I require a full deposit in advance for the first visit. Thank you for understanding.

Do you charge any fees?

We do not charge any travel fees within Calgary, however as of 2017 we will be charging sales tax (5%) on all purchases.

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